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We want you to think of John Sinclair Nissan for all your vehicle needs, whether that’s trading up your old Nissan for a new model or shopping for a budget-friendly car from our pre-owned inventory. As a regional sales leader, we have a vast selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs from nearly every brand. Our competitive prices and convenient Cape Girardeau location make us the logical place to shop for buyers from McClure, Illinois, to Gordonville, Missouri, and beyond.

Benefits of Buying a Pre-owned Vehicle


Shoppers can benefit in many ways when purchasing a pre-owned car versus a brand-new one. First, you spend thousands of dollars less on a used car than buying a new one. And if you opt for a vehicle that’s 3-5 years old, you can often find many of the latest must-have features you crave. However, you can shop our Under 10K inventory and get a reliable vehicle that fits your budget to save even more money.

Because a pre-owned vehicle costs less, you end up with a lower monthly payment, which is another benefit of purchasing a used model. You also see shorter financing terms, resulting in you paying off your loan sooner. Insurance companies also offer lower rates for pre-owned cars because of their lower replacement costs. All these benefits result in you driving away in a quality car, truck, or SUV at a great price you can rely on for far longer than your loan.

Of course, many of our customers like to modify their vehicles. If you enjoy accessorizing your car, a pre-owned vehicle makes sense. You have more accessories to choose from on older models because the accessories aftermarket has more time to design and manufacture them. New models generally don’t offer an expansive list of accessories. And you pay less for modifications on older cars.

But perhaps the most significant benefit to buying a pre-owned car is you avoid the rapid depreciation rate new cars experience. For instance, a new car can lose 25% to 30% of its value in the first year alone. In the second through fifth years, you’ll lose another 10% to 15% before the depreciation rate steadies.

While this doesn’t always impact you financially, it can. New car owners often find themselves upside down on their loans. Getting upside down refers to owing more than your car’s actual value, and that can become a problem if you get in an accident and the insurance company deems your vehicle a total loss.

For instance, if you owe $30,000 on your loan and the insurance company values your vehicle at $25,000, you would owe your lender the $5,000 difference in a total loss situation. Having to pay that money to your lender when you need to find another car can put financial pressure on most people.

Shopping for Pre-owned Cars

You want to get the best pre-owned car, truck, or SUV. So we recommend you take certain precautions as you shop. First, you want to find a vehicle that offers good value today and for years to come. If you plan on owning your car for five years, search for a vehicle that projects to hold its value well over that period, like the Nissan Pathfinder. This method results in a higher resale value when it comes time to trade it in or sell it privately.

We’ve streamlined the process if you plan on trading in a vehicle as part of the deal. Now you can use our online trade valuation tool to get an accurate value. In minutes, you’ll receive an offer. We know you’ll love the proposal so much that we promise to buy the car from you even if you don’t purchase another vehicle from us.

We also recommend you find a gently used model with minor wear and tear. Of course, every pre-owned vehicle has some mechanical or cosmetic wear. So the better condition you start with, the better the chance to keep it that way. In the end, you’ll get more money for a car in tip-top shape.

Finding a trustworthy dealership like John Sinclair Nissan is essential. When we receive a pre-owned car, we thoroughly inspect it to ensure reliability and quality before we put it out for sale. As a result, you get a car, truck, or SUV you can rely on for years to come at a competitive price.

Unfortunately, all vehicles eventually experience issues, no matter how thorough the inspection or how highly rated a car is for dependability. That’s why John Sinclair Nissan stands behind every sale we make with our world-class service center. Our technicians have decades of experience working on all makes and models. And we provide the latest tools and equipment to help them diagnose and fix any problems.

Finally, we transfer any remaining warranty to you when you purchase a used car from us. We also offer several extended warranty and maintenance plans to provide more protection for your investment. In most cases, we can wrap the cost of such programs into your loan without significantly impacting your monthly payment.

John Sinclair Nissan Under 10K Inventory

Our expansive inventory of over 600 pre-owned vehicles offers the region’s most comprehensive selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs. So if you’re searching for something specific, chances are we have your dream vehicle just waiting for you to discover it. And for those buyers looking to stay on budget, our under 10K inventory offers plenty of variety.

Of course, we have plenty of used Nissan vehicles like the Rogue, Altima, and Pathfinder. But we also see popular models from other brands Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, and Kia, to name a few. We invite you to browse our Under 10K inventory to see our current deals.

No Credit/Bad Credit, No Problem

At John Sinclair Nissan, we work with buyers in all credit categories. So if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, give us a try. We have alternative loan programs for those with less-than-perfect credit because we believe everyone has the right to own a car.

Shop Our Under 10K Inventory Today

We recommend you shop our online inventory to understand what you want. Then, when you find a vehicle worth a closer look at, you can visit our Nissan dealership and speak with a used car specialist. They’ll answer all your questions and let you take your favorite vehicle for a spin.

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