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Our vehicles are extensions of our homes. Just as an organized home can help you maximize your living space and help you save time while performing tasks each day, an organized vehicle can ensure you have everything you need to keep up with your busy lifestyle when you’re on the go. As a Nissan vehicle owner, you’ll appreciate having the following organizational Nissan accessories to keep your vehicle as organized as your home:

Cargo Mats

Protect the carpeted surfaces in the cargo area of your Nissan with durable cargo mats. Also called trunk mats, these high-density nylon carpets contain a non-slip, moisture-resistant backing that helps protect cargo floor surfaces from spills, stains, and wear and tear. When paired with a cargo organizer (see below), a cargo mat ensures your Nissan Kicks or Nissan Armada is ready to store and transport a cooler of drinks for tailgating or your children’s sports gear without damaging the vehicle’s floor surface.

Cargo Organizer

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Have you been rummaging around the trunk of your Nissan while looking for items such as an umbrella? A Nissan cargo organizer is the ultimate car organization accessory. It can corral all the belongings you regularly carry inside your vehicle. These organizers have movable dividers that let you customize your vehicle’s available cargo space. You can fold the center area flat when not in use to give you easy access to the cargo area.

A cargo net or trunk divider is also excellent for containing items such as luggage, supermarket bags filled with groceries, camping chairs, and more inside your vehicle for easy access. Use a cargo cover to keep your possessions hidden from view when you park your car and enjoy peace of mind thanks to this added security feature.

Cargo organizers are available for several Nissan models, including the Nissan Maxima and the Nissan Rogue.

Center Console and Dashboard Organizers

There are two places inside your vehicle that are prime spots for accumulating clutter: the center console and the dashboard. A dashboard organizer tray for vehicles such as the Nissan Frontier allows you to corral small items such as travel-size tissues, coins, glasses, and car keys within individual storage slots, giving you easy access to these items while on the road.

You’ll appreciate the console organizer, which offers additional storage space in the vehicle’s center console. A console tray elevates car keys, coins, glasses, and more. You won’t have to reach down and rummage around in the bottom of the console to find what you need.

First Aid and Vehicle Emergency Kits

No matter where your travels take you, you’ll be ready to handle life’s unexpected moments on the road with a first aid and vehicle emergency kit. You can keep essential first aid necessities such as bandages, gauze pads, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and more in a zippered vinyl pouch that you can store inside your vehicle’s glove compartment.

Use a clear plastic storage bin to hold jumper cables, road hazard signs, a bottle of windshield washer fluid, a tire pressure gauge, and other essentials to create a vehicle emergency kit that you can keep in the cargo area of your Nissan vehicle.

Glove Box Storage and Organizer

Tame the clutter inside your vehicle’s glove box with a glove box storage and organizer. This organizational device lets you keep vehicle manuals, vehicle registration, auto insurance card, emergency contact numbers, vehicle maintenance records, and more easily accessible inside your Nissan car or SUV.

This glove box storage and organizer is available for Nissan vehicle models such as the Nissan Sentra.

Roof Rack

If you need additional room to transport oversized items, a roof rack mounted on your Nissan vehicle can help you maximize your available roof space. Roof racks for Nissan vehicles consist of cross bars, mounting brackets, bolts, supports, and end caps to help you create a vehicle roof rack to suit your needs. Use your vehicle’s roof rack to carry oversize items such as canoes, kayaks, bikes, skiing equipment, or a camping tent and poles.

Before purchasing a roof rack, make sure the rack system you choose will accommodate your specific vehicle, such as the Nissan Murano or the Nissan Pathfinder.

Seat Back Organizer

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand the importance of tidying the inside of your family’s Nissan after each road trip with the kids. Seat backs are ideal for vertical organization when you install seat back organizers. These devices hook onto the rear headrests of your Nissan vehicle using a velcro backing to hold them in place. Pockets in the organizers allow you to store items such as sanitary wipes and napkins, garbage bags, puzzles, games to keep kids occupied during car trips, books, magazines, and other small objects you don’t want to slide around on your vehicle’s floor while traveling.

Seat back organizers are available for various Nissan vehicle models, including the Nissan Versa.

Seat Gap Organizer

It’s time to head out for work, and you’re looking down at the keys, cell phone, and wallet you’re clutching. What do you do with everything when you’re driving? Use a seat gap organizer to contain all your essentials in one place to prevent them from sliding around on the seats or falling into the crevices while your vehicle is in motion.

It’s easy to install the organizer: simply slide the organizer into the storage box gap in your vehicle’s center console. The organizer hangs unobtrusively beside your seat, stopping your phone, wallet, and other essentials from getting lost during your travels.

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