Buy or Lease a Nissan

As a John Sinclair Nissan client, you have a wide range of financing options and benefits at your disposal. Purchasing or leasing each offers its own individual benefits. Choosing one will depend on your particular needs and desires.

Leasing a Nissan

Leasing offers affordable payments with shorter terms! Leasing lets you consider vehicles that have more options & get closer to your desired trade cycle. You also get peace of mind since most leased vehicles are within warranty period*

keep your car

Exercise the purchase option and keep your car

sell your car

Exercise the purchase option and sell your car

vehicle equity

Apply equity to your next vehicle

worth less than residual

If the vehicle is worth less then the residual, you can drop off the keys and walk away

Buying a Nissan

Conventional loans typically require longer terms to reach affordable payments! Buying can limit your ability to trade into a newer vehicle when you want to & impact the amount of time it takes to reach an equity position.

unexpected depreciation

Assume all of the risk for unexpected depreciation

unknown mileage expenses

Subject to unknown mileage expenses

pay total cost

Must pay the total cost of using the vehicle regardless of the value (being “upside down”)