Advantages of Owning a Used Car

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As you search for your next vehicle, you might find yourself facing the age-old debate: should you buy new or used? While new cars may have that alluring scent and promise of being untouched, opting for a pre-owned vehicle comes with numerous advantages. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of owning a used car over a new one, which includes potentially saving you money and offering better overall value.

The Advantages of Owning a Used Car Over a New Car

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So, are there actually any advantages to owning a used car over a new car? The short answer is yes. There are several benefits you should consider before you commit to any purchase. Used cars sometimes get a reputation for being unreliable, but the truth is, most dealerships take great care to inspect used vehicles and ensure they’re ready for the next buyer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing a used car instead of a new one:

Lower Price Tag

One of the main advantages of purchasing a used vehicle is the lower price. New cars depreciate rapidly — in fact, some lose as much as 20% of their value within the first year. By the time a car is 3 years old, it may have already lost nearly 40% of its original value.

When you buy a used car, someone else has already absorbed this depreciation, meaning you can purchase the vehicle at a significantly reduced price. This lower price point not only saves you money but may also enable you to afford a higher-end model or a car with more features than you could afford if you were buying new.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are sometimes lower for used cars than for new ones. This is because insurance premiums are partially based on the vehicle’s value, and used cars are worth less than new ones. In addition, some elements of car insurance, such as collision and comprehensive coverage, may be less expensive for a used vehicle. This usually depends on the insurance provider as well as the make, model, and year of the vehicle you’re buying.

Greater Vehicle Selection

When you opt for a used car, you have a much wider selection to choose from. You’re not limited to the current model year, which means you can explore different makes, models, and years to find the perfect fit for your needs and preferences. This greater variety also increases the likelihood that you’ll find a car with the specific features you want. You might also be able to find classic models or other specialty vehicles when you buy used.

Vehicle History Reports

Thanks to advancements in technology and the availability of vehicle history reports, you can now research a used car’s background before making a purchase. Services such as CARFAX and AutoCheck provide information on prior accidents, service records, and ownership history. This transparency allows you to make an informed decision and gives you peace of mind that you’re investing in a reliable vehicle. You’ll know of any problems prior to payment, and some dealerships will address certain issues that arise in a vehicle report before selling the vehicle.

Price Negotiation

With used vehicles, you often have more flexibility in the negotiation process. Dealerships and private sellers may be more willing to negotiate on price and terms, as there’s typically more room for negotiation compared to new cars, which have a more rigid pricing structure. You can get a much better deal that matches your budget and vehicle needs, or even get a great deal on the car you’ve always wanted. Not to mention, some dealers include a warranty with used vehicles, so you can bring it back if any problems arise within that period.

Certified Pre-Owned

Many automakers now offer certified pre-owned (CPO) programs, meaning you can buy used cars that have undergone rigorous inspections and meet specific criteria. These vehicles often come with a manufacturer-backed warranty, roadside assistance, and other benefits, offering you additional assurance of the quality and reliability of your purchase. While CPO vehicles may be priced slightly higher than non-certified used cars, the added peace of mind and benefits can be well worth the investment.

State Licensing Fees

Vehicle registration fees often vary depending on the age and value of the car. In many states, these fees are calculated using a percentage of the vehicle’s value or a sliding scale based on the age of the car. As a result, the fees tend to be higher for newer, more expensive vehicles and lower for older, less valuable ones. When you purchase a used car, you’re likely to pay lower registration fees compared to a new vehicle.

Environmental Factors

While there’s a push in the vehicle industry for smarter, more environmentally friendly vehicles, the environmental impact of producing new vehicles, even electric or hybrid models, isn’t often discussed. Buying a used car can actually help the environment in a few ways you might not have considered, including:

  • Reduced manufacturing impact: The production process for new vehicles consumes significant amounts of energy and raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber. Additionally, manufacturing plants generate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Used vehicles extend the life of the existing vehicle and reduce the demand for new car production.
  • Slower vehicle turnover: Used cars can last for many years, especially when they’re well-maintained. When consumers consistently choose used cars, it slows down the rate of vehicle turnover, meaning fewer vehicles need to be produced to meet demand. This reduced production rate can lead to a lower overall environmental impact.
  • Less waste: Vehicle production produces a significant amount of waste during the manufacturing process. This includes not only the waste from producing the car’s components but also the packaging materials used for transportation. By opting for a used car, you help decrease the amount of waste generated.

Used Vehicles at Our Cape Girardeau Dealership

While a new vehicle can be tempting, choosing a used vehicle may actually be better for many reasons. You can save money and time and potentially decrease the potential depreciation of a vehicle over time. When you’re on the hunt for your next car, try buying used instead. Check out our pre-owned inventory and book an appointment to take your favorite for a test ride. We guarantee the quality of every pre-owned vehicle and perform rigorous inspections on each one to offer you the best deals.

Do you agree with our reasons? Visit our dealership in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and let us know.


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